Infinity Subliminal Interactive Advertising                                       .  .  brings an independent and autonomous economic platform to the real economy!
Main Street now has its own business model for the real economy!
.  .  directly focused on stimulating productivity through an alliance of local economies!

SMEs are the backbone of all local economies

Now every local seller has a competitive advantage
.  .  giving SMEs more control over local demand!

  Queen Bee Loyalty Program

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              Cloud Capital Inventory                            Cloud Capital Outsourced Selling                            Cloud Capital Smart Contracts
.  .  a new economic model for local economies that uses the economic value of local seller inventories to drive productivity
  Market Makers                 

Global users can now stimulate local productivity

.  .  as part of a decentralized global market maker
network with the power to monetize local productivity

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                                                   Cloud Capital Outsourced Selling                            Cloud Capital Smart Contracts                            Cloud Capital Price Demand             
.  .  SMEs hold the collateral of new capital flows that can now monetize local productivity  -  governed by a productive standard
  Price Demand

     SME inventories hold the local economic value

     .  .  buyers drive local demand with cascading buying
     prices that offer greater buying power and affordability

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    Cloud Capital Smart Contracts                            Cloud Capital Price Demand                            Liquidity
.  .  real productivity is the intrinsic backing of a new debt free economic system that deleverages society, while maximizing economic growth
.  .  automation is taking over industries, and now selling in supply & demand is automated!
.  .  it heralds in a new era in generating local demand  -  and distributing economic wealth!
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  the real economy now has a decentralized local economic market index  
  ComTechX combines the mechanisms of sharemarkets and banking, and re-engineers it into a new decentralized local economic market index - DeLE Markets, with an economic infrastructure called Cloudfunding  -  it provides for a scalable network effect to reach across global communities  -  with the means to change the way capital flows are generated using productivity's real-time economic value  -  freely distributing that economic value in a sustainable way that it intrinsically backs and governs a totally neutral universal means of exchange  -  democratically and equitably distributed through global commerce, from economy to economy!  
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  The global economic market index tracks the decentralized local economies where productivity is generated by local communities that have the incentive as partners in the decentralized global market maker network  -  constantly stimulating their own economy, and other economies linked through trade by directing foreign capital flows into the local economies to monetize inventories, both supporting and sharing in the economic growth.  
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How it works
Local SME inventories hold unlimited collateral, more than enough to back local economic growth, world wide!

The banking system has ignored SMEs and their inventory's local economic value for decades

.  .  that economic value is now being tapped and applied as collateral to back global productivity!

.  .  it's the real economy's universally distributed productive growth controlled by local economies!
Are you an accommodation provider, restaurateur or event promoter?
Booking Demand
Cloudfunding is a productivity-based ecosystem that's constantly governed by real-time productivity
For nearly fifty years national fiat currencies have been devoid of any type of asset-backed economic value!
Communities can now align their local economy's currency with their own local productivity, on a global scale!
Decentralized local economies can now use their local seller's economic value to reset their own economies!
Cloudfunding has it's own domain  -  where SMEs can safely isolate with a competitive advantage!
Cloudfunding mechanics
.  .  a domain where new capital flows are validated by the aggregate demand of real global productivity!
Cloudfunding is a productivity-based ecosystem, meaning no credit!
Cloud Capital Inventory                            Cloud Capital Outsourced Selling                            Cloud Capital Smart Contracts                            Cloud Capital Price Demand                            Liquidity
   Seller - Inventories                      Outsourced Selling                       Smart Contracts                           Buyer - Price Demand                      Seller Liquidity     
       Distribution of Economic Value            Crowd Consensus                Guaranteed full selling prices                 Cascading buying prices              Liquidity Seller / Buyer      
In any commerce there're plenty of services taking a cut of the seller's full selling prices  -  as well as for buyers  -  just to get a sale
.  .  what Cloudfunding does, is it eliminates all those incumbent services in an automated selling ecosystem  -  while incentivizing buyers!
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Claim Your Local Economy!
Every Zip Code and Post Code representing a town, city and region in a state and country around the world has a local economy
that allows commerce to work between sellers and buyers  -  local economies come in all sizes but the dynamics all work the same.

Be first to claim your local economy!

Any local Seller can be the first business or group of local businesses to claim their local economy and list their local region onto
the Decentralized Local Economic Market Index, as part of the Global Chamber Of Economies.

Size of local economies is often been seen as 'the bigger the better', but that changes with the dynamics of Cloudfunding, where
economic capital can now be directed into any size local economy to stimulate demand for local products and services, equally
across all size towns and cities.
Expression of interest are open for SMEs and business groups to list their local economy in the Global Chamber Of Economies!
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-  SMEs, seller groups, shopping precincts and co-ops etc can all take advantage of the Queen Bee loyalty program.
buyers who can join together in buyer co-ops, families or individuals  -  everyone can benefit from cascading buying prices
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Cloudfunding breaks the targeted surveillance advertising model
.  .  bypassing paying for advertising to get a buyer's attention, and instead going straight to Sales!
Free Subliminal Organic Advertising
.  .  shifts to an equitable model where Main St and Online are directly aligned with buyers!
Subliminal advertising distributes the untapped 'idle capacity' stored up in local inventories!
Cloudfunding gives buyers a new experience
with digitized traditional cash commerce
.  .  with PIFN!
Pay It Forward, Now!
.  .  giving buyers the advantage of cascading buying prices
Blue Dot     .  .  it gives SMEs guaranteed full selling prices and real time cash flows, without the costly payment services   Blue Dot    .  . it gives buyers the chance to buy products
        and services at prices they want to pay  -  with
        cascading buying prices
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     Local Commerce now has traditional digital cash commerce
Capital Purchase
.  .  with no fees for buyers or sellers, or payment providers, just like using cash!
Shopping                THE PLATFORM

               ComTechX is a global economic trade exchange platform structured with

               an economic infrastructure sitting above B2B, B2C & D2C marketplaces.

               -  it creates the environment that monetizes the economic values in local

               inventories  -  so sellers sustain profitability and buyers gain affordability.

Cloudfunding captures the economic value in local economies  -  in a new Main Street model

.  .  that economic value is a store of value  -  backed by the intrinsic value of productivity

.  .  focus is directly on local productivity  -  with velocity of local currencies a key objective
a universal capital can now flow ubiquitously between economies
Balance Of Payments
.  .  directly stimulating local demand with foreign capital  -  without adding debt!
Global users are more economically connected than socially
RingLink Technology
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Borderless economy to economy commerce is the new economic link connecting global users
Cloudfunding's economic engine is a decentralized open market
Economic Engine
.  .  with a global network of market makers directly monetizing local Productivity!
Expression of interest are open for SMEs, seller groups, shopping precincts and co-ops etc in the Queen Bee loyalty program.
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buyers who can join together in buyer co-ops, families or individuals  -  everyone can benefit from cascading buying prices
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The real economy now has its own real time index for local economies
Main Street has always struggled against the Wall Street's monetizing model, until now!
Main Street inventories can now be monetized directly through a democratic and decentralized market maker network
Any product or service that can be quantified and priced can be listed through a simple on-ramp to outsource the selling
Cloudfunding gives local SMEs an advantage to compete globally in a new economic landscape
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Main Street's Market Index changes the dynamics to a linear model that thrives on the strategies of users chasing local economic growth
Cloudfunding dissolves currency competition with a ubiquitous P2P means of exchange
Legacy incumbents centered on arbitrage and selling money are irrelevant in the real economy
Sovereign and Crypto currency values are based on market trading and speculative returns, and traded through exchanges  -
whereas Cloudfunding is based on UDC gaining linear growth tied to productivity, and shared with local economic stakeholders
Users can be pro-active in economies and gain from linear growth
Economic Linear Growth

Local Economy Activity
universally distributed incomes share the growth of local economies
Cloudfunding changes the dynamics between Supply and Demand
.  .  giving Sellers and Buyers two separate markets to deleverage!
Supply and Demand
.  .  by separating the Supply side from the Demand side!
Why separate Supply from Demand?
There are two scenarios that get played out in the global and national economies, it's either inflation or deflation.
Inflation is when the value of your local currency goes down against other currencies, and the price of goods and services goes up.

Deflation is when the value of your local currency goes up against other currencies, and the price of goods and services goes down.
Inflation helps the Supply side with increasing selling prices but disadvantages buyers with higher prices.

Deflation helps the Demand side with greater buying power but disadvantages sellers with lower profits.
Cloudfunding gains the advantages of both inflation and deflation, without using debt!
Cloudfunding shifts Productivity to the leading catalyst
Leading Catalyst
.  .  flows of local capital is constantly pegged to global Productivity!
It's a totally new economic alliance of local communities
Linking economy to economy
.  .  where SMEs hold the local economic value that's exchanged from economy to economy!
SMEs have new cashflows to work with in the real economy
Local Sellers have the economic value in their inventories to generate new capital flows
SME Cloudfunding
What is Cloudfunding solving?
Bottleneck in local economies The Inequality around the distribution of wealth in many of the world's
economies is increasing  -  and that will escalate as businesses are
forced to discount to gain the limited customers looking for lower prices.

The dilemma is increased when lower profits reduce investment in plant
and jobs, looping back to increased savings, slower consumer spending
and lower tax revenues, the ingredients for deflation  -  or inflation with
a lower currency value making goods and services cost more.

Cloudfunding shifts commerce's mechanics to place Productivity as the
leading catalyst to generate activity between Supply and Demand via
direct foreign capital flows, instead of selling credit and debt.

Deleveraging local economies

It deleverages communities by utilizing local economic value instead of
relying on credit to stimulate spending  -  it monetizes the supply side
using the aggregate demand of newly completed productivity.

Markets are redesigned between Supply and Demand with more focus
on accountability that's directly tied to the intrinsic economic value of
real productivity  -  it's set to a productive standard, which constantly
governs, validates and monetizes the next flow of inventories.

By directing aggregate demand to monetize new inventories, it avoids
losses in local economies when sellers collectively discount.

Cloudfunding maximizes seller profitability with Outsourced Selling,
and maximizes affordability with Price Demand's cascading prices.
Cloudfunding solves the debasement of sovereign currencies by shifting productivity as the leading catalyst
.  .  where it can govern and maintain a stable and neutral universal unit of account, and means of exchange!
Our changing world will no longer be about who controls the money but who controls productivity!
Economic value is the new universally distributed wealth that's backed by real productivity
Cloudfunding - New Economic Flows
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Expression of interest are open for SMEs, seller groups, shopping precincts and co-ops etc in the Queen Bee loyalty program.
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buyers who can join together in buyer co-ops, families or individuals  -  everyone can benefit from cascading buying prices
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Cloudfunding brings Automated Selling to Main Street
.  .  a new era in free SME Funding
Cloudfunding  .  .  .  Localization
Outsourced Selling  .  .  can impact local Productivity this Century
like Outsourced Manufacturing did in the 20th Century.

Social Demand  .  .  individuals can now have a greater influence
on issues that impact the broader community.
New level of trust

Privacy is set as the cornerstone of the platform where users can
build out their own space across a network that treats individuals
as the new 'beneficiaries' of the internet  -  not the 'product'.

Subliminal Advertising

Users only need to download the free app to start collecting the
free digital capital while connecting with friends, family and even
businesses  -  without being distracted or tracked by advertisers.
            Social Demand
Cloudfunding challenges the status-quo
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